Homeschool in Ipoh ROCKS!

Our session in Ipoh was organized by Kelab Bakti Gunung Keledang and hosted by husband and wife team, Harith and Intan who homeschool their son. Beforethe talk, it was lamented by some that there were no homeschooling support group in Ipoh.

Harith Introducing the Session

(Harith welcoming the audience)

Then came the homeschooling entourage consisting of a family with five kids in tow: Nasuha (18), Hasanah (17), Afiqah (13), Kaiyisah (12) and Fawwaz (9). The two youngest ones were left at home, so that makes 7! It was not difficult being smitten by these amazingly confident and highly articulate young persons, so full of positive energy and sharpness of mind. We attribute that to the great job that their loving parents have carefully invested through homeschooling! We found ourselves deeply awed and inspired by these excellent kids who not only know exactly what they want to do with their lives, they have also charted out their future plans very well and are in the process of putting them in place. The oldest two are managing their own company selling their drawings online and doing commissioned work from overseas! Check out the for their profile.

(Wai Leng addressing the audience)

The sharing session was truly inspiring as homeschoolers came up to express their reasons for homeschooling, amongst which are reclaiming the family, giving kids their childhood, and letting them discover their life’s destinies. Very touching sharing from fathers especially, who came up to speak with great conviction and support for homeschooling. It was nice meeting a few familiar faces from our previous dialogues, people who have gained confidence and commitment in reclaiming their children’s education. Thank you Ken and Yuling for driving up from KL (with the kids still in pyjamas!) to lend their support to the event!

The homeschooling support group in Ipoh is now formed! What’s next? Perhaps a national homeschooling conference to be held here in scenic Ipoh? Not a bad idea at all, we’d say!

We would like to thank Harith and Intan again for making this happen for the Ipoh folks! And thank you all for coming and sharing and making this a truly memorable day for us 🙂

Homeschool rocks!

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8 Responses to Homeschool in Ipoh ROCKS!

  1. wisely says:

    I am new in homeschooling and i am from sitiawan. My son is a gifted child and normal school bored him. I hope i can meet some of the homeschooler parents around this area (Ipoh, Perak.) Pls keep me inform of your activities. TQ

  2. bavithira says:

    hi, good day everyone..

    im currently a child and family psychology final year bachelor degree student and are currently doing my internship at EIP Autism Petaling Jaya. I’m looking forward for jobs that are related to children. If there is any link that I can refer to? I have experiences in handling special needs children.Kindly drop me an email if there is any information. I would like to work with organizations that are concern with special needs children as well..thank u.

  3. Penny wong says:

    How do I able to get in touch with the homeschooling support group in Ipoh?

  4. Vivian Tan says:

    Hi, my daughter is turning 4, and I’ve been thinking to homeschool but found no one I can turn to as a mentor in Ipoh. Would you please kindly contact me and let me know how to join this Ipoh HS support group. Thank you so much!

  5. Lillian Kandiah says:

    Hi, how can I get in touch with the homeschooling group in Ipoh. Please contact me and let me know how to contact Ipoh’s support group. Thank you so much!

  6. Thowsin says:

    Hi I am a F4 student at ipoh which want to plan H.S for myself but I dont know how to start and do. Can someone got experience suggest me what to do? Pls wechat me (info removed) tq.

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