Homeschooling in the NST (May 2008)

Our family appearing in May 11,2008’s NST (picture source NST) in the article on homeschooling.

(picture source by

If you did not picked up today’s NST (May 11, 2008), there is feature on homeschooling.

Home schooling: In the comfort of their home (also appeared in the Red Orbit Knowledge network here)

Home schooling: More patient and less competitive

Home schooling: It’s a privilege for those who meet criteria

It is interesting how uninformed education experts are, for in the past 20 years or so, the only thing that academics harp on which they view as “faulty” with homeschooling was the (apparent) lack of “socialization”. If they have done their research well, they will find that homeschoolers perform much better socially and academically – studies are abundant.

However, this article was motivated by the fact that homeschooling created a sensation when Sufiah Yusof turned into a prositute. Like regular schoolers don’t become prostitutes?

While the Ministry of Education deem it a privilege for parents to be granted rights to home school, one must also remember that as government servants, these officials are given privilege from parents and citizens to design and execute education policies, and at this point, to many Malaysians, confidence in the education system and its process leaves much to be desired.

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