Who Should Not Homeschool

Who Should Not Homeschool

By Brenda Hoffman

(Found this though a posting by Olive, thanks. Check out http://hubpages.com/hub/whoshouldnothomeschool for article and feedback)

There really are some people who should not homeschool

While I am a strong proponent for homeschooling, I still believe that there are some situations in which homeschooling should not be attempted. Here are some of the situations that I am speaking of:

1.If you are a single parent who has to work outside of the home on a full-time basis, then you more than likely do not have the time that it is going to take to homeschool your child. However, if you are a single parent that is blessed with being able to work from home or only work part-time, then you probably still are able to homeschool.

2.If you and your spouse both have to work in order to support your family’s living expenses (groceries and housing not designer clothes and DVD players) homeschooling probably is not an option for your family either unless 1 parent can work while the other parent is home with the children and works the opposite shift of their partner.

3.If you do not have a good relationship with your child then homeschooling may be next to impossible. Of course, homeschooling usually does foster a strong relationship between parents and their children, even if there was not such a relationship while the children attended traditional schools.

4.If you, as a parent, do not value your children more than your own ambitions or are unwilling to lay aside your own comforts and convenience for your child’s best interests, then you should not homeschool your child. In this case, homeschooling your children will only create bitterness and resentment, on your part, towards your child. This is where you really need to closely access the situation before you begin homeschooling. Of course, when it comes to homeschooling it is also important for you to not have unrealistic ambitions there either.

5.If there is any form of abuse going on in your household, then you should not homeschool. It does not matter if this is emotional, physical or verbal abuse or neglect or whether it is aimed at a parent from their partner and does not involve the children directly, you should not homeschool. Of course, you really should seek help and allow your child to enjoy the safe haven of traditional school. This only makes the school a better place, not the best place, for your child.

6.If you do not want to make the kind of commitment it takes to homeschool your child, then you should not homeschool them. While this may sound like a “no brainer,” there are some parents who feel as though they have been pressured into homeschooling. Just because someone you know is homeschooling their children does not mean that you have to homeschool your children too.

7.If you do not have the time to undertake the commitment of homeschooling, then you should not do so. Homeschooling takes time, energy and dedication.

8.If you do not have a good education yourself, you should not homeschool your children. This is because you will end up only holding your child back from excelling because you cannot teach him everything he needs to know if you do not have a good education yourself.

Homeschooling really is not meant for everyone. It is also important to understand that it is not going to cure fix genuine disabilities, psychiatric ills, mend broken families or perform miracles. So, while it can be a wonderful way of life, you need to make sure that you give it the time and consideration it deserves before you ever begin to homeschool your child.

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