Fine Dining to FUN Dining: Homeschooling in the Kitchen (1)

For us UNSCHOOLING homeschoolers, every opportunity is a learning opportunity (and fun!), though we’d share this story with you. It’s about having fun…

Fine Dining to FUN Dining
by Chong Wai Leng
Sam, the food designer
A storm was brewing outside and I was late with dinner preparation. It didn’t help that the power was suddenly cut in our area. A quick check in the kitchen revealed that I could cook up something with some sweet potatoes and normal potatoes. Rice is out since I couldn’t use the rice cooker. We already had spaghetti for lunch today so that’s out too. Suddenly, a light bulb flashed in my mind. I shall prepare an exquisite Japanese sweet potato (or yam as the Americans call it) dish that I learnt on TV from the guy who cooks in a van (forgot his name but I remember he always cooked in his pyjamas!) Anyway, this is how I did it:

1. Precook sweet potatoes & normal potatoes in steamer. Throw in sliced carrots for garnishing.


2. When done, dish them out and start slicing them into adequate sizes. Then place them gently into a non-stick pan with olive oil and fry till slightly brown on one side. Flip over and do the same. 

Sam, the food designer

3. For the special sauce (and this is my original recipe – copyrighted!) Pour some worchester sauce (can never spell nor pronounce that right!) into a small bowl, add a little sugar (or honey) and some soy sauce (or healthier still, amino acid). Mix well and pour mixture into the same pan. Let it sizzle for a while and take everything out.

4. Next, pan fry the potatoes the same way but without the sauce. Instead, sprinkle a little sea salt over and some dried herbs (oregano). Pour potatoes out on a separate plate.

5. Arrange sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrots as creatively as you can on nice individual plates (think fine dining style). I included slices of French toast with baked beans to go with it. 

So voila! A fine dining gastronomical experience right at home without having to rob a bank! Enjoy!

Our food designer has trouble understanding what fine dining means and turned it into “fun dining”, yeah!
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