Q & A on Homeschooling (3): Engaging the Young

Another question that come up quite often, especially when homeschooling young children is “how do we teach?”. Sometimes we asked, “Where did we get our teaching diploma from?”. Our standard answer is we do not “teach”, we engage the young.  Let’s us share this email with…

The only way to engage the young is to be like them – be curious, be interested and be open. Spend time doing things with them. The younger the better because after they pass 12 years old, it’s near to impossible to get into their world if we have not been inside when they were younger. The time, love, and effort we put into our young children is the greatest investment we can ever make because the returns would far exceed our expectations. It’s not about teaching them this or that – it is us learning from them about how they learn! That makes the greatest difference to the make-up of our children who would eventually wear them. As they mature, their interests might change and they might want to look for something more challenging or engaging. So we as parents have to constantly adapt to their changes and be as supportive as we can as our children grow through the years.

We cannot possibly know ALL the answers on homeschooling our children because every family is different and will face different sets of challenges. Each family will have to work it out for themselves but the good
thing is, we are not alone and can always depend on the homeschooling community for help and support whenever we need them. The trick is not trying to get all the answers before you start, it is having the courage and drive to start and experience it and as you go along on this path of self-paced and self-styled learning, you will start to unfold the magic bit by bit! A word of warning: You may not want to learn any other way after that!

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