How to homeschool: Some things to ponder on

In response to starting homeschooling, we share with this parent about the need to think about education and our children a little deeper and seriously too. 


Yes, choosing a school for your 6-year-old child seems like the most important decision you have to make. There is so much at stake, isn’t it? So many fears and worries, so many issues to consider! But we have found that if we asked ourselves the right questions, we will be able to arrive at better answers that would help us make better decisions. Eg


  1. What does “education” mean to you?
  2. What would you like your child to gain from a good education?
  3. Will your decision or choice help your child attain her true potentials?
  4. Will this path make your child happier and more confident as a person?

Make a list of yours questions on issues and values that are important to you and your family. And whatever decision that you make, should not be an exclusion of your child’s input and feelings about it. When we take into consideration what they really want, and how they truly wish to learn, we will be practising a child-centred approach rather than a top down approach which we can see by now, that it only works momentarily and does not really benefit the benefactor. 

Be aware that the world is changing, and so should the way we educate our young. We are not preparing them for the real world is we keep insisting on teaching them outmoded skills and obsolete knowledge. Methods and approaches will definitely defer – that is the beauty of tailoring education according to your child’s needs and learning style. And most of all, your own learning and thinking style will influence the way you approach learning together with your child.

Ultimately, you have to explore various ways and approaches, make mistakes along the way, take a few steps back even, but eventually you will find your way if you let your child guide you instead of you pulling him or her by the ear! Our way of homeschooling is the best way for us, but you have to find your best way for your family, as each and every family will have to do. Most of the time, I feel, it is ourselves and our fears we have to manage. If we cannot handle that, it may be better for others to do the job for us, don’t you think? 

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