Help! My Child Does Not Want to be Homeschooled!

This in one question that comes up from time to time. If you child is already in schooling, taking him/her out may be a little shocking. So, our answer is- “take your time and listen to your child” and then make a gradual transition.

Your child may not necessary like school but they have friends – and that is most important to them. Consider that gradually work out a schedule and progress from there. Especially if they are older or teenagers. Unless there are some urgent and pressing issues, pulling them out from school has its challenges.

So, take your time – listen and respond. Every child is different, work out something together and see what’s best. People are dynamic, be aware that over time people may change.

Then again, homeschooling may not necessary be the best approach for you child – for now. You can use the principles of homeschooling to help bring out your child’s true potential. That’s what it is all about.

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