Homeschooling in GUAM & OKINAWA

Guess where homeschooling is be regarded as a viable alternative?  Check out these stories:

Pacific Daily News:  Parents teach their kids: Homeschooling as attractive alternative

More than 10 years ago, Liz Perez dreamed about life as a full-time homemaker. When a student shoved her daughter, Kim, to the ground at P.C. Lujan Elementary School, she finally decided to make a change.

“It wasn’t too bad, but it was enough to bring me to do what I wanted to do,” Perez said. “I found out that I could homeschool.”

Today, Perez has graduated two of her own children, including Kim. When the kids were little, she lectured in front of a chalkboard and led them in the Pledge of Allegiance in their living room.

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Okinawa Hai:  Homeschooling on Okinawa

Homeschooling is a very personal and often well thought out choice. Most parents who seek to homeschool choose to do so because they want to provide a better education for their children and they want to be more involved. Of course my own homeschool education wasn’t for the best reason. You see in Texas you can only miss so many days of school before they automatically hold you back and in 9th grade I went over the limit. I was having a little too much fun with friends and not attending enough school. So to keep from repeating my freshman year of high school my Mother had to homeschool me the next year. I enjoyed it so much that I continued homeschooling for a second year before returning for part of my senior. The reason I didn’t finish my senior year in a public school was because I was so far ahead due to my homeschooling that it made more sense for me to attend collage than repeat all the things I had already learned. For me homeschool was a wonderful fit and I truly enjoyed learning at my own pace. And that is how homeschooling seems to be – either it works for you or it doesn’t. It can be the perfect fit for some parents and children and be a terrible one for others.

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