HOME’S KOOL 2009: What a Night!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you who attended Saturday night’s HOME’S KOOL 2009. We were overwhelmed by your fantastic response and mesmerized by the children’s (and a Dad!) very talented performances which consisted of a poem recitation by Jian Wen (all the way from Penang!), an original song presentation (Crunchy on the Outside, Chewy on the Inside) by Irina & her dad, Rafil and supporting “shakers” from tiny kids from the audience, (Irina also played some groovy tunes on the violin with dad accompanying on his guitar!), a classical piece performed by Beatrice on her violin (she also looked very pretty in her evening gown!). More singing followed with Mei Cheen (who yearns to be homeschooled), Amrita (who experienced both) and a pretty little girl named Cheryl who sang a sweet little song, “Little Mermaid”! There was also a guitar presentation by Matthew, an unschooler who has grown into a big and amiable young man.


Home's Skool 2009

Home's Skool 2009



Read on for more reports and photos

In between the presentations, there were short sessions of sharing by homeschoolers Elliot and Jian Eu, who were also the emcees for the night, as well as homeschooling parents, David and Sook Ching and KV and Wai Leng who hosted the dinner. It was an occasion for homeschoolers to network with one another and for those who were not yet homeschooling but plan to, it was a golden opportunity hearing from the horses’ mouths!

It was quite a din we made that night which attracted curious onlookers from the restaurant! Despite the fact this is the first time we organized this event, the sound system did not work as well as it should, the program turned out to be a little chaotic – we managed to network, speak to a lot of people and put faces to the emails. It was also great to see old friends as well as to meet new ones. Whatever it is – the message was loud and clear – HOMESCHOOLING IS A VIABLE OPTION, GAINING POPULARITY & WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Together we can make a positive change in our children’s learning and growing years!

Check out David Tan’s Homeschool’s Homefrontier for more reports and photos


So, what next?


Here are a couple of stuff that came out from the dinner:

1. More sharing and information sessions needed. We recognise the fact and we will make effort to organize and  host dialogues and even workshops.

2. Events for kids. After a couple of people came up to sing and performed – several more wanted to do the same but due time constrain, we were not able allow them. Perhaps a homeschoolers concert could be in the pipeline. We are working on that.

3. Children with learning diabilities. There is definitely a need to address this area as some families who homeschool did so because of this challenge. More focus needs to be give here. More thoughts coming as well.

I am sure David and Sook Ching will share their thoughts soon.


Please give us your thoughts and feedback.

Till our next Dinner get-together and activities to come, Happy 2009 from all of us!


Wai Leng & KV Soon

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  1. KC Teoh says:

    Hi, much appreciated if you can let me know is there any home schooling center in Penang Island?

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