MY VIEW (BY JIANWEN, Homeschooler, Penang)

Here’s a poem by a homeschooler from Penang. Enjoy!


Reading MY VIEW @ the recent HOME's SKOOL 2009
Jianwen reading MY VIEW @ the recent HOME’s SKOOL 2009

Attending school

restricted by chains

the heavy strokes of the canes 

face to face with the bull


sitting in rows 

facing the blackboard

set to be bored

bound to doze


it is unbearable 

to endure the spell

following the bell 

the rigid timetable


the road i took 

in my primary years

made false peers

who put me on a hook 


introduced to homeschool

a new journey begins 

in my teens

a new bag of tools


opportunities abound 

for diverse activities

music, swimming and martial arts

new friends found


visiting places

learning the fun way 

having my say

of all my opinion and choices


a test for me in 2008 

to give my best shots

 with all my thoughts

I forged ahead


through determination

with committed assistance 

i sat with confidence

the SPM examination


I feel fortunate 

having the key

to unlock my talents

to free me from my chains


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