The Best Time to Learn English

Here’s a post for homeschoolers or homeschooler-to-be  Written by Sloane Mak:


After five years of teaching commercially to students of all ages, I have found that some of my original ideas about what the best age is to start children learning languages needs to be reviewed. 

It is without a doubt that it is a common belief that there is a window of opportunity, a period of sensitivity to develop certain abilities when one is still a child. In fact, there is enough research and evidence to support this.  It seemed to everyone, even me, that it was the most rational thing to start them young. This appeared to be particularly true for language development – people often agree that it is easier to pick up a language when you are younger. We attribute this ability directly to evidence that points out that children, like other organisms, have periods of sensitivity to develop certain functions that will become more effective if the stimulation and environment supporting that growth is generously provided during this period of sensitivity. 


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