Tips For New Parents: Help Your Child Develop Pre-Reading Skillls

Here’s tip for parents with young children embarking on homeschooling…

Many professionals have said that parents are the first educators. And, whether parents elect to traditionally educate their children or dedicate a significant portion of their own time, effort, and resources to homeschool their children, scientific evidence strongly holds that parents can, should, and do begin educating their children long before they consider beginning any sort of formal, structured education efforts.

Many parents, especially new and homeschooling parents, hesitate to “push” a child into reading before they are “ready.” However, reading is merely a visual representation of the spoken word. And, just as we teach our children to talk and the appropriate words for objects and people, we can begin early to teach our children how letters (i.e., symbols) represent certain sounds, and when those letter symbols are grouped, they form words. This natural education process is less “pushing” than it is simple language acquisition. Some educators and experts refer to this process as pre-reading.

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