Rethinking Family & Education, some thoughts post-BFM interview

… I think was the theme that ran throughout the interview this afternoon.  We need to look at a more holistic view of education and family. In our modern society, education is just not about going to a place to go pick up knowledge and pass examinations.  The current education system is something fomulated in the past based  on historical experience, the challenge for our children is to education for the future, a future that will not be quite the same as we are experiencing today or in the days of our parents and ancestors.

How can plan and work for the for the future – all from the home? Sound like a big task.

Not really.  It is about giving the opportunity to experience life which befits our value systems with a global perspective. Simply put, in our homeschooling environment, the home, is “plugged” into our environment without the constrains of leaders and politicals leaders devoid of vision, care and love where our children and the family comes first.

So, don’t just think about homeschooling.  We invite you to come find out more, experience it and see if it fits you. Interact with us.

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