Can anyone homeschool?

We were asked this question during our interview on BFM last week and our response was “no”. At this point in time, it takes a lot to have different mind-set on learning and education. Homeschooling not so much as to bring in the school into the home but more about taking the school out of the home where every child is recognized for who he or she is a not “mess-fed” with information to pass examinations.

Our children are not statistics of passes and failures, they are individuals who have the full right to be who they want to be and can be. Full right to explore and enhance their potentials.

If you are willing to take that path, you are ready to homeschool.

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2 Responses to Can anyone homeschool?

  1. Ee Hong says:


    My daughter will be starting primary school next year and I m
    very keen on homeschooling for her. Where or how do I start?
    Any center or persons I could contact? Thanks.


    • waileng says:

      We will be having a talk entitled “Learning @ Home ” On sat at our CLIC center on Jul 24. Please click on our website for details and sign-up, good opportunity to meet-up and discuss HS. Cheers!

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