Bookself: A Mind At A Time


A Mind at a Time

by Mel Levine



Learningbeyondschooling says:  

An must read for all parents and parents-to-be! Homeschoolers, especially UNSCHOOLERS, Dr Levine’s ideas reinforces that learning can take place anywhere and anytime – if the child is ready, the important thing is creating the right physical and emotional environment. Again, we have shared some of these ideas in our talks and seminars. Another must read.


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Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (January 7, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0743202236

ISBN-13: 978-0743202237


Review from By  Sandra D. Peters “Seagull Books”

Anyone who has a child in the school system knows that the educational process does not allow for one-on-one assessment of a child’s learning abilities. A child either keeps pace or in many cases, falls behind. The author has written an excellent book on what a child needs in order to grow, learn, and develop his or her full potential.

It would be wonderful if all children learned at the same rate and possessed the same aptitude for learning; however, each child is a unique individual. The educational system today does not structure its learning process around that fundamental fact. A good many of the behavioural problems we see surfacing today stem from the fact a child becomes frustrated, bored, overwhelmingly challenged, or discouraged by the educational process, and their actions are often a result of what is lacking in the education system. Some parents, as well, do not take that fact into consideration and often expect Mary to keep up with brother John, because John seems to excel in everything, while Mary struggles to achieve.

There are a variety of topics to be found in the book, including development of memory, language, and motor skills. If you are an educator or have a child who is experiencing difficulties in this area, this book provides excellent resource material. It is one parents and individuals with the authority to make changes in the system should read and take to heart. The book contains a valuable message, is well researched, and is equally as well written.


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