My home, my school

The STAR Published yet another article on Homeschooling on April 19, 2009. 

Check this article here.

The writer, ALYCIA LIM featured David Tan and Sook Ching ( and Hafiza (Malaysia Homeschool Unite) and several other homeschoolers.

While I think it is always good to positively highlight homeschooling, I felt it lack the depth as to why people homeschool – the values appreciated by the homeschool families. To end the message by a head of a private school followed by the official stand of the MOE left the article much to be desired. She has sadly left out the URL of the homeschooling sites in Malaysia.

I hope readers would appreciate that homeschooling is much more that that single page article.

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4 Responses to My home, my school

  1. mamafiza says:


    Dear Sir KV Soon,

    Wish you were in great day 🙂

    Truly both of you (Sir KV Soon’s Family and Sir David Tan) are our “inspiration” *hat’s off!*. Thanks a lot for your kindness, friendship and guidance to my family.

    I’m totally agree with you. The URL should be included for readers references.

    May God bless your kindred soul. Please take extra care.

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  3. dbctan says:

    Yes – the article could have been better presented, but I suppose we shouldn’t expect everything we want said to be published – whether because of space constraints or the writer’s insufficient grasp/appreciation of homeschool. But it was the statement by the Sri Garden head that riled me most. Coming from a school head and educator, such a narrow and outdated point of view was a disturbing as it was profoundly disappointing. I have since written a l-o-n-g response in my blog.

    <editors note: Click HERE for that l-o-n-g response 🙂

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