More Parents Turn to Home Schooling To Help Kids Blossom ‘Like Flowers’

‘Children are not grass that they can be cut to the same height. Children are just like flowers, they are different from one another.’ Seto Mulyadi, Asah Pena

Check out homeschooling in Indonesia from the Jakarta Globe. Seems like it is a happening place.

image from Jakarta Globe

What’s interesting is that:

Asah Pena was established in 2006 to help facilitate the country’s home schoolers, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education. The association now manages 17 branches across the country, including one in Samarinda, East Kalimantan; Malang and Surabaya, East Java; Tangerang, Banten; and Medan, North Sumatra. (highlight mine)

What’s more interesting to see how open the community and the MOE are. According to Triyadi, director of the directorate of equivalency programs at the Education Ministry, said that his office

welcomed the news about the rising popularity of home schooling

Read the complete article HERE and The Homeschool Advantage  HERE

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1 Response to More Parents Turn to Home Schooling To Help Kids Blossom ‘Like Flowers’

  1. Intan says:

    Thanks for the article. This is asolutely wonderful, powerful and uplifting.

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