Excellent Curriculum Resource for Science (& Maths)

Check out Science Friday.com

Science Friday is a weekly radio program by NPR (National Public Radio). Once a week (Fridays) it host a half hour program where the host interviews to talk to scientists, writers and researchers on the latest and “hottest” science topic – all in a very down to earth, and simple manner. The program usually includes telephone call-ins which makes the show even more interesting.

Although we cannot receive the channel “live” we can download the podcast which is made almost immediately after the program. The site now includes links to videos and are making use of the web to play a major role in spreading the ideas of Science Friday.

What’s most interesting about this site and the Science Friday initiative is the linkage to teaching resource. Each program or a topic on radio  is linked into a curriculum (or part of ) in line with national and states content and standards. It provides suggested questions, discussions and reading as well as extensive links to give users a rich pool of content – all to make science interesting. Click on “Teachers” button and you will be led to a teaching resource page.

You need a lot of discipline to surf the various links to design your teaching/learning curriculum.

I also recommend you to sign up to their twitter or facebook pages to keep yourself updated  (I am following the Hubble Telescope repairs via twitter – interesting!)

Have fun and enjoy!

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