Homeschool: A Quiet Revolution

In Oklahoma, by some estimates, 33,000 children are facing that kind of question. If home schools were a district of their own, it would be twice the size of Broken Arrow Public Schools, and three times the size of Jenks.

Source: Tulsa World

This sums up the quiet revolution happening in Oklahoma.  There seems to be a pull back to the heart of parenting and education of our children is not some something separated and this makes homeschooling very different. Oklahoma seems to have one of the most, if not, the most, liberal homeschooling laws. 

While there are challenges, many are determined to go ahead to homeschool their children as this is the right thing to do. I like the manner this article was written. The reporter obviously took time to research and ask questions.  One thing I realized as I read the article and watch the video is that we are not different over here. We are struggle with almost the same issues and we feel that we need to go back to basics – parenting.

Whatever it is, homeschooling has surely taken off!  

(picture source: Tulsa World)

Read on here and appreciate it.  There is also a video and a audio program you can download.

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