HOME-SCHOOLING: Strong values learned globally

Here is an inspiring story of a homeschooling experience in India and the values learned. As in my earlier post, The Quiet Revolution, our experience here in Malaysia is not much different. Homeschooling is now a global phenomenon. As globalization continues to take root, the inward reflection of core values become more important – this is really what’s all about!

This remind me of the time when, together with David’s family, visited the then Education Minister, Datuk Musa. When he asked, why we homeschool, our answer was because we value our family values!

“I think home-schooling helped me think for myself instead of just go along with the crowd,” he remarked. “I learned to trust my own mind, and to honor my parents. I found out that sponsors or friends can come and go. That’s not important. But my parents’ sacrifice, their advice — I really want to live like they do.”

Read the rest of the story here in the Washington Times

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1 Response to HOME-SCHOOLING: Strong values learned globally

  1. Melissa says:

    HOME-SCHOOLING is widely adapted. I am glad that it work perfectly for a lot of person. One thing I like about it is the relationship we get by doing it.

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