Homeschooling Q & A: rethinking learning & education

We have been getting a lot of emails asking about homeschooling and usually the following questions, here are our answers, I thought I answer this with some short replies …..

1. How do I inform the Ministry of Education? What to do?

Answer: Don’t do anything until you understand homeschooling and what it entails. Compulsory education currently applies to primary school. You can apply for exemption but there are other methods and approaches. We can discuss that once we are ready to take the next step. Suffice to know, exemption is available.

2. What about SAT or GCE Track and is it recognised and which university?

Answer: Appreciate that university is ONE of the MANY options available. Understand you children, explore options with them. Let their interest and inclination drive their path. I have talked about several options on this blog.

Essentially, we feel that if you really want to consider homeschooling, you really need to do 2 key things:

1. Think outside the concept of schools. You will be taking a different paths. The whole learning process is evolving.  Technology and other innovations are driving a lot of these changes.

2. It’s about bringing out our kids true potential – this is what will make them happy in the future. Build strong family ties and appreciate what are your own core values.

Read the rest of this blogsite and links (local and foreign) and exchange your thoughts with us and determine if this path is suitable for you.

You will need to rethink learning and education.

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4 Responses to Homeschooling Q & A: rethinking learning & education

  1. Christy Ding says:

    Hello,I really want to homeschool my youngest 2 sons.I am already 15 yrs late as I didnt have the guts then.They are in Std5and Std 2.

    You mentioned there is other way besides informing Edu Dept.What should be my first step?I am living in Sitiawan.

    Thank you.

  2. Christy Ding says:

    I have changed my mind about being subscribed.i do not wish my email add to be seen by others.Is it possible to have it deleted form this page?

    Thank you

  3. wisely says:

    Pls keep me inform of any activities for homeschooler kids in the future. Email me at the above email address. TQ

  4. Janet says:

    I am considering homeschooling my eldest boy who’s 8 this year. Desperately looking for support group in Penang. Keen to hear from parents already homeschooling their children. Thx.

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