Best remembered for her kindness

Image Source: Malay Mail

Image Source: The Malay Mail

Kireen have been regular at our talks, dialogs, seminars and our playgroups – in preparation to homeschool Joseph. Our paths had crossed before and we are sure will cross again. Farewell, Kireen.  To her husband Paul, stay strong and let your heart and Joseph be your guide.

After she joined CAP in July 1989 as a health research officer, she and her colleagues worked for the association to take a lead on health issues in the State of Penang, the nation and the world at large.

For close to a decade, Kireen used the unlikely vehicle of pharmacy, in which she was trained, to work quietly but effectively for social change the world over.

She saw to it that big pharmaceutical companies are checked, doctors and pharmacists are reminded of ethics, and people are informed about the policy stands of the Health Ministry.

“It’s the simple things that help, like remembering names and faces, establishing a rapport with them, treating people with kindness, sincerity and more importantly, with dignity regardless of their belief and stance,” she often said — and loudly too — until her untimely death on Aug 10, aged 45.

Read the rest of the story in the MALAY MAIL Online HERE

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