Join “I WONDER”!

Here’s an activity for you homschooling kid(s). Check out the their blog and join them!

Who are we?

“I WONDER”  is a team of roving teens hungry for cupcakes while seeking knowledge and adventure with real life and real time behind the scenes experience.

Perks of I Wonder Free Manicure!

Perks of "I Wonder" Free Manicure!

Interview with the DOCTOR!

Interview with the DOCTOR!

What do we do?

Have fun interviewing and learning from professionals, celebrities, entreprenuers, sports personalites, ambassadors and etc.

Our Mission :
To get out of the house as often as we can and get our parents off our backs by doing something they think is useful.

Our Vision :
Left side 275 and Right side 350. So, do you see the point?

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2 Responses to Join “I WONDER”!

  1. David Ong says:

    we are currently home school a kid age 9

  2. Mee Hoe says:

    Hi David Ong. My son already age 11, is that too late for him to home school?

    May I know you all stay in Malaysia? Am I seek for the right information? because I live in Malaysia, I worry all the information come from other country.

    Thanks you.

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