VLOG: Learning Mandarin

Unless the kids are really interested in the classic such as “Romance of the the Kingdoms”, “Journey West”, etc. You can start with this.

Learning a language is a matter of effectively using it. Here’s an approach…

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2 Responses to VLOG: Learning Mandarin

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi LKV/Wai Leng,
    What happens when we don’t really know how to speak the language?
    Do we send them somewhere…?
    I am trying to teach my son Cantonese too, but all he wants to speak is English! :p He is almost 3.

  2. waileng says:

    hi Lisa,

    Grandparents play an important role in the teaching of mother-tongue language and dialects. When our girls were younger, we used to pack them either to Seremban or Ipoh to spend time with their grandparents. It works! But our son who is now 5 has been staying put in Subang Jaya most of time. He did not go through what his sister did as he has no companion. But all is not lost because he realizes that whenever he goes back to Por Por’s house, he would be Chinese, and when he goes back home, he would change back to his English mode. So, lately, he has been very willing to learn Chinese (he even joins in with the other “English” boys to learn Chinese from Mommy! Peer influence helps. Yesterday, I was teaching a 5-year-old neighbor to play the piano, and our son suddenly decided that he wanted to learn too! Just when I thought that none of my kids would want to learn this skill from me! Lesson: Never give up on our kids! Given the right environment, they would naturally want to learn:)


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