Homeschoolers and Self Directed Learning

Homeschoolers engage in self directed learning far more than their publicly schooled counterparts. Homeschoolers quickly become self motivators and the self motivation they come to possess will last them their entire lives, making them responsible citizens in the future. How is it that homeschoolers become self-motivated learners?

First off, because homeschoolers are taught in the home setting, they already have two things going for them on the path to self-motivated, or self directed learning: homeschoolers have their parents as responsible role models, all day every day. Secondly, the homeschooler is not exposed to the poor behaviors of other children. Parents, by example, provide the homeschooler with myriad examples of self motivation and are available to encourage self-directed learning behaviors. Meanwhile, homeschoolers avoid the baneful affects of peer pressure, and they do not mimic the habits of less motivated students.

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  1. What a great explanation of the benefits of homeschooling! I’m going to link your blog to mine,

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