A short note on learning & liberation

Over the years since we embarked on this journey, we have realized that homeschooling is not just about helping parents educate children at home. It is much bigger than that.  We have come to understand that we need to address the bigger perspective that of freedom and liberation.  We strongly believe education is about transformation. Transformation of oneself.

To do this, the conditions and opportunities needs to be provided – freely, without fear. It has to be an environment of love and compassion.

A liberated learning environment will allow children the space (physical and mental) to grow and to explore their potential. As Howard Gardner said (paraphrased), “It is not how smart is your child,  it’s more how your child IS smart“.  Breaking free allows opportunities to explore alternative and innovative ways of economic dependencies, not merely washed away by the tide of the rat race.  More importantly, liberation is about breaking out of (us) parent’s own insecurity, negative conditioning and even the from the limited boundaries of an education system (at times messy and lack direction).

Evolution and innovation are necessary in the education process – we need to think and act (inside and) outside the box.

Thus, end this short note 😉

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2 Responses to A short note on learning & liberation

  1. Shalom says:

    “We need to think and act……..”- thinking is the tough part, LOL. We cannot teach people to think. We can only teach them to become aware what wrongful thinking is, identify it, evaluate it and awaken within. Who’s game for that?

    What you are essentially saying, I think, is that to educate requires a spiritual change within the individual parent. That is a lot of hard work and sending them to school for someone else to do the job poorly is an easier educational choice. Isn’t education about our children and not about us as parents?

  2. Vivian Lee says:

    My thoughts – even if we send our child to school to learn, it’s still up to us – as parents to determine and ensuring how we want our child to excel. Do we allow them to excel in what they like learning or do we want to be ‘kiasu” parents giving our child pressure to excel in all subjects becoming a straight-As?

    I think the educators & schools need to understand what is learning all about. I strongly feel approach to reach out to the children and educate them need to be changed. They need to understand the biggest achievements is to help each child to excel within their own ability in a fun and not pressured in focusing on helping the school to produce straight A students,thus, labeled as TOP SCHOOL.

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