Everything is connected – learning & eating

Learning beyond schooling is not about finding different ways to teach our children or finding them different schools or choosing a particular curriculum or materials. It is a way of life that take learning to a different plane.  It is about everything we do – especially, the food we eat.

Reflecting after watching the Jamie Oliver’s presentation entitled “Teach Every Child About Food”. I found that Jamie’s presentation was very important not just from the health stand point. It is a clear message about changing of lifestyle and the need to change our thinking.  Immediately after watching his presentation on the internet, several questions popped up in my mind:

“Why do children consume what they consume, and continue to do so?”

“Why are we not aware of the health implications or if we do, why do we continue to allow it to happen?”

I wonder how many people who were there at the lecture went home, talked to their kids about food, and throw out all the sugary junk food from the kitchen and fridge. Do we continue to feed our children with fast food and fizzy drinks each time they ask for it the next day?. I know a parent, who, at a social gathering,  who ran a mile down to the next block to buy a burger for his son, just because the little boy did not want to the food served by the host (who incidentally served a bunch of healthy stuff, including salad). There is also a kid who refused to eat vegetables (any kind) and their parent would bend to get the food he likes. I know of a child who is now in his teens – now obese, no exercise at all (except for the computer keyboard finger exercise, which he proudly declares!).

What make it worse is that, there is no encouragement from the the parents to these children about good health and exercise. Anyone here disagree that physical exercise if good for us all?

When I saw Jamie’s presentation, I realize it was not just about food. It is about the will to change things against all odds. It is about saying and doing what’s right.  It is about asking parents to wake up! We see, yet we do not look at the signs that tells us a lot of what our children consume are not safe for them. We listened to the lectures and talk such as this one, yet we do not hear the cries of our children when they fall sick.

What’s the point of sending our children off to the best schools and education system only to see them die younger? This is something we can change. Are you prepared to change our life styles? This is learning beyond schooling and the thinking – everything is connected.

I deeply appreciate what Jamie is doing and I support his work. If you missed the 20-minute presentation, here you go. Enjoy!

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1 Response to Everything is connected – learning & eating

  1. Shalom says:

    I don’t know about other parents but after reading up on Dorian Gray Syndrome, I realized that mental and psychological arrested development could be a real mental dysfunction. Some people are so attached to a youth that could’ve been that they don’t want to grow up. Maybe some people have a buried subconscious desire/memory to being able to have as much fast food as they wanted when they grew up and so manifests it now by living vicariously through their children? My brother is one of those adults who asks my daughter everytime we’re in KL, “Shall we have Burger King or McDonald’s for dinner?”

    I think unless an individual advances in their general cognitive abilities, become aware of individual thoughts, re-examine each automatic response in light of new information, internalize and disassociate from the emotional attachment (reward) to that behaviour they wouldn’t realize what they were doing is harmful. But you see, an individual CANNOT advance if they have chosen to stay in arrested development.

    There was this scene from S2 of Californication where the dad told his daughter how special and beautiful she was. She replied, “Then start treating me that way, that I’m special and I’m beautiful. I’m sick and tired of parenting you and mom. I’m just a kid, dad. I want to be a kid because I’m not going to be a kid forever.” – Something like that. Made me think of your point on how parents send their kids to all the best but ignoring the one thing their child needs the most from them : to grow up and be a parent for them.

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