“Lat” in Haiku

Lat's drawing of some of the kids at the camp

By Loo Jianwen

(Nov 09)

Presented to Lat on Nov 2009 during our camping

A mop of black hair                                     No one to be seen
with T-shirt and khaki pants                    “One,Two ,Three” he shouted
riding a bicycle                                             instilling great fear

Scenes in the kampung                                      From behind the trees
checked sarongs over their heads                    ran off heading straight for home
hiding from parents                                            tin ore  in pockets

Food stolen from plates                            Off to the city
to chase away hunger pangs                    leaving the kampung behind
waiting for Raya                                         to start a new life

His brother and gang                                   Day or night issues
getting themselves in trouble                    appears in cartoons next day
with the Tok Guru                                        in the newspapers

At the boarding school                                    Noses big or small
often playing tricks and truants                    bald, curly, straight or beehive
caned in public view                                        characters alive

Off to the tin mines                                      Young and old alike
panning with the tin workers                    enjoying your masterpiece
the policeman came                                      laughing in stiches

–  end  –

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