Cooperative Learning Initiative

Well, here it is. Our Cooperative Initiative.

(to participate, please instructions at the end of the article)

We have been “sitting” on this idea for the past ten years – experimenting on small-group unstructured and loosely structured learning through play, projects & planned trips to places of interest. Homeschooling parents are always looking for an ideal place for their children to learn and interact with other kids. A place that is not business-centered but people-centered.

Today, we think we have finally come up with a SUSTAINABLE co-operative learning structure that parents are looking for! A place where families can come together to do projects and courses together in an environment that is conducive to creative learning and activities – without burning a big hole in one’s pocket!

[Watch out for our previews to be announced SOON!]

To be sustainable, we need committed parents who can contribute their time and energy into making this possible, not just for their own children, but for others as well.

The Place: Kota Kemuning (we have identified a place we couple potentially use, at least for a start). Depending on how things go, we may move to a separate location, or even different locations for different purposes.

For those outside of Klang Valley, Selangor. We plan to share our experience and help you set such initiatives. Meanwhile, we will be exploring technology more to bridge the distance divide.

The Plan: To get members to join the “initiative” so as to make use of the facilities & courses offered. For the initial sessions, participation will be by invitation (see below for how to get invited)

The Facilities: A reading room (library), playroom, a science lab, cooking lab (aka kitchen) & computer lab, music studio and art studio (some may be combination)

The Facilitators: Parents who are specialized in their fields of expertise can offer to facilitate classes at the Club. These will be paid classes but club members get substantial discounts! The Club will be managed and run by parents – not business persons!

Other activities: Talks, seminars & workshops on learning & parenting. Again, club members get substantial discounts! There will be outdoor activities as well, like sports and visits to heritage sites, etc.

The Approach: Parents work with their kids (esp for the younger ones) while older kids are encouraged to work on their own or in small groups. Working on short-term and longer-term projects encourage team work, time-management and planning skills.

Mentoring: Specialists will be invited to work with the children to mentor them in specific skills. Older kids can become apprentice in their chosen fields of specialization.

Certification: We will work towards getting certifications for some of the more structured courses for the children. We are looking into the American/Canadian programs.

Programs in the pipeline:

(A) for KIDS:

1. Maths, science, creativity programs (facilitators confirmed)

2. Chinese, BM, Environmental Education (facilitators to be confirmed)

for parents (Seminars)

1. 1/2-day Seminar on harnessing the web for learning. This programs will be meant for parents to help identify the different sites on the internet and how to use them to help children learn.

2. 1-day Workshop on Creativity. This program is aim at helping (especially parents) think differently and appreciate the alternative paradigm of home education.

3. 2-day Workshop on Learning-2-Learn. For parents, to help students learn. Essential program for parents (homeschooling or otherwise)

Watch out for our previews to be announced SOON!


This is “by invitation” initiative, to be invited to join, please complete

THIS FORM - Invitation: Cooperative Learning Initiative

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  2. Alice Kong says:


    I like this ideal and very interested to join the group but the place is too far from my place (Bandar Sri Damansara). Any suggestion.

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