Cooperative Learning Initiative (2)

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for showing great interest in this initiative. We believe that that for homeschooling to truly succeed, the community needs to be involved – we all need to be involved in one way or another through the sharing of knowledge and resources. This must be done in a manner which is sustainable and the CLI initiative a way that direction.

Moving forward we would like to invite you to a PREVIEW SESSION on March 27 (Saturday) 3pm.

This is an by invitation event, if you would like to be invited, please register your interest HERE by March 21, 2010

We will send you an invitation.

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5 Responses to Cooperative Learning Initiative (2)

  1. Peng Shekar says:

    There is something wrong at polldaddy, but anyway please register me for the preview session on March 27. Thanks KV

  2. Luisa Woods says:

    First of all, many thanks for your hard work in organizing this.

    I was going to fill in your last questionnaire, but I was waiting for my new employer to send me the address of where I would be staying when I arrive in KL.

    I would like you to please include me in your communications. I am unable to attend on March 27th, as I arrive in Malaysia on April 2nd with my family.

    Best regards, and looking forward to finding a way to participate,

    Luisa Woods

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  4. Lilian Hoon says:

    Looking forward to joining you on March 27, unfortunately I am unable to attend as I will not be in K.L. that day. Please do include me in your future communications with the group. Would like to find out if you have any support groups in Puchong area.

  5. Audrey says:

    We look forward to learn more and participate, and are keen to attend Saturday’s preview on CLI. Please let us know if we may still register?



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