What is Real Education?

What is Real Education?

“Real education means that a human mind, your mind, not only is capable of being excellent in mathematics, geography and history, but also can never, under any circumstances, be drawn into the stream of society. Because that stream which we call living, is very corrupt. So, the question is how to bring about the right kind of education so that the mind can withstand all temptations, all influences, the bestiality of this civilization and this culture. We have come to a point in history where we have to create a new culture, a totally different kind of existence, not based on consumerism and industrialization, but a culture based upon a real quality of religion.”

[Krishnamurti, On Education (1974]

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1 Response to What is Real Education?

  1. Abel says:

    Totally agreed. The society puts too much emphasis on materialism nowadays – which is a sad thing indeed.

    We can’t totally detach from the so called stream of society (and it will be there forever), but we can do is to start at home, teaching our children the truths of the world and what matters most as far as human evolution is concerned.

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