What’s your parenting style?

When we wrapped up Familyplace.com.my to focus on Learning & Education, we thought we would leave parenting to the so-called child experts. We now realize that parenting is not about the children – it’s about the PARENTS! How many times do we read and watch parenting programs that focuses on the children,  so much so that it seems that every responsibility lies on the child and not the parents.

Last week we posted a status on our Facebook “Thinking about parenting and education. are they separate or not?”

It’s not separate.

What are our values? What are our parenting styles? Do we have a parenting philosophy? Are the approach to parenting, eventually learning and education – in alignment with your spouse’s?  The less prepared in parenting, or the less aligned we are as a couple – we will tend to let the system or outsiders deal with our children.  Sadly, being in a family is not like running a corporation – cannot simply redefine tasks and outsource.

I think we need to spend time to explore this area, maybe…. we need to revisit this area. Go back to basics.

Don’t you think?

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