Day 1 @ CLIC

It’s 8am and the alarm clock sounds – it’s our first day of “school”!

Adrian and Joyce (who are boarding with us for a week) jump out of bed together with Amrita who slept in the living room with them. I can hear their excited voices from upstairs, where Arian and Sam are still slumbering.

Just after 10, parents and children start to trickle in and within half an hour, we have more than a dozen kids in the classroom going through a getting-to-know-you session while the parents have their meeting at the children’s library. The children ranged from 4-14 and a common sentiment amongst them is: “we hate school but we like our friends!” Having friends is an important criteria for learning for kids. It is good to note that within a short time, the children who came today became fast friends.

Everyone seems happy to be here and look forward to come again. Even our own kids! And the parents are starting to take ownership of the Center by helping to plan the menu and the other things related to the running of the Center. This is the beginning of a life-changing journey for families who want to help their children chart their own unique life paths!

to find out more about CLI-C, read on HERE

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1 Response to Day 1 @ CLIC

  1. Jennifer says:

    So…is this a co-op y’all are running? If so, it sounds like a great idea. 🙂

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