Homeschooling for You? Look Inwards

Over the years many people have came forward asking about home schooling: some are interested to explore an alternative,
learner-centered approach while some are just loooking for another “school”. In fact we get many emails and calls asking for help how to start homeschooling.

There is no doubt that people are either crying out for a change in our education system or actively seeking for alternatives to our current convention schooling.

Because of the high demand for different such “schools”, many people have set-up homeschool centers – which in my opinion are not homeschooling in the true spirit of the word. While such centers offers some alternatives, it is good business as well.

So, if you are looking for another school, or curriulum, this may not be the place for you.

Is Homeschooling for you?

If you strongly feel that every child is special that needs to be taught not just to be students but effective learners, this could be the place. Homeschooling MAY be for you.

If you feel that each child has his or her unique potential and that finding and grooming a potential in a child is more important than completing examinations and degrees – read on! Homeschooling could be for you.

If you are prepared to shoulder responsibilities as a parent to see your child be a learner, and not just to outsource this as a disparate function away to third parties, you are ready to begin the
homeschooling journey.

In this journey, you will find fulfillment in learning and sharing. You will enjoy the bonding with your children – experiencing both ups and downs of relationships. You will realize that this is what parenting is about, not merely worry about what they eat or how they behave.

You will appreciate the value of community and the power of
friendship. Your will, as we have, realize that we do not live alone in this, the world does not revolve around us. With this realization in us, our children will understand and appreciate this mindset. They will learn to not to take things for granted and truly appreciate the things we have. They be effective and engaging individuals.

If we realize that education is not an isolated experience in a limited time and space called school, and willing to explore beyond, it’s time to seriously think about homeschooling.

When you start to feel that it all begins inside us – you have began homeschooling.

Once we truly began, we will go beyond the need for structures like curriculum, schedules and exams. Indeed we have gone beyond fear into confidence and “functionally independent”. We will gradually develop our own structures we are truly comfortable with. We will have no quams changing it as and when the needs arises.

You will appreciate that the whole education process is about the head, the heart and the spirit.

You are welcome to come talk to us

If you appreciate all these, we welcome you to the world of homeschooling.

Welcome home!

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