Cameron Highlands

Went up to Cameron Highlands over the weekend. We won’t bore you with the usual how nice the air was or how much Brinchang and Tanah Rata has developed over the past 15 years we have not been up there.

What we will tell you is how excited our children were to be up in the highlands! It was pure excitement and anticipation. We will tell you that we were amazed by the fact language and expressions they used to show their excitement. (homeschooling works! at least for language). This excitement is carried back to KL when we arrived yesterday.

For us it was inspiring that children draw their attention to find and experience new things. No craving for their usual food, no cries of being bored – just a sense of awe. Of course we encouraged it along the way and continued to fuel their excitement whenever the opportunity arose. The learning opportunity was immense.

So parents. a little encouragement and a sense of wonder goes a long way.

Let’s continue to work to keep the light wonder growing. It is so natural of children to learn.

This reminds us of the theme of one of homeschooling conference in UK recently, “Fish Swim, Children Learn”

So……. so swim in the pool of knowledge!

More pictures HERE

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