Creativity & Innovation in Education?

It has been almost 3 weeks since the Forum, “Found in Conversation” Organized by the Nut Graph.  Overall, it was a good discussion – unfortunately the downside was – too much criticizing of the education system. Coming from Datin Marion, some were legitimate. Of course, K V had to add is 2-sen as well. We would have however, preferred a more directed discussion on creativity and innovation in education – the topic of the day.

Since we will be running a workshop on creativity, we guess it would be timely to share some thoughts on this topic.

Somewhere buried in the discussions, K V brought up 3 key points to inspire and nurture creativity. We would like you to think about it.

  1. freedom to explore and try new things. Try things that may interest the individual. Our education system need to make this space. This not just a physical space, it is much more a mental and psychological space and mindset. With examinations and tuition and everything else, hobbies (something that generate interest and sense of curiosity in children) are in back-seat.
  2. mind to inquire. Ask questions, talk, exchange, disagree and agree to disagree. We need dialog and spaces to question without fear or ridicule. Children need that. We need that.
  3. tolerance to failure,  recognizing the not succeeding in a project is part and puzzle of a journey to innovation. We need that.  We need to free from fear if we truly want to innovate.

How and what are you doing at home?

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2 Responses to Creativity & Innovation in Education?

  1. Shalom says:

    I don’t really think much about creativity. I don’t think it’s something we need to “nurture”, or “teach” or think about. I don’t see it an abstract, concept, philosophy, etc. We don’t have to “be” creative or innovative. We just have to Be and that in itself is allowing the expression of creativity to move through us, the Co-creators, the conduits for Universal expansion and further creation.

  2. Chong Wai Leng says:

    Well, that’s precisely the point, isn’t it? That we fail to think about creativity and render it useless as compared to our other over-glorified brother/sister called “Rationalization” who preoccupies itself with debates, arguments and judgement.

    The thing is, we are all surrounded by creativity in our lives. and it is because of the lack of creativity in our thinking that we are unable to overcome a lot of our obstacles and conflicts in life. It’s about how we THINK and FEEL about something (and yes, they do go together:) and it CAN be trained. It;s not just about artistic creativity, but deeper than that, we need to go into IDEAS creativity – the ability to look at alternatives and possibilities rather than merely judge something as bad or corrupt. We learn to THINK with a new mind and DO SOMETHING about it!

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