Dealing with Stress

(quick blog) Here are a couple of ways to deal with stress…

1. go play- fly a kite, play marbles (the round balls usually made of some rock),

2. go play with you kids

3. keep on playing with your kids

for the more serious people…..

4. practice qi-gong

5. practice meditation

6. go back to play

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2 Responses to Dealing with Stress

  1. Shalom says:

    Different strokes for different folks. I find playing stressful. Thea keeps reminding me, “Come…said the child, play with me.”

    My idea of play : spacing out and building grandiose ideas in my mind. Writing. Editing for clarity. Reading non-fiction.

  2. Chong Wai Leng says:

    Well, because you missed out on this very important aspect of growing up, called PLAY, there is something missing in your life, and you try to replace it with WORDS and LOGIC. But you cannot truly feel those words can you? They are there to fill a void that you cannot feel. But they are the only things that you can make sense of, and so you cling to them to feel safe, to feel validated. There is always a reason for something, even though we may not understand them. That is why adults need to get in touch with their childhood again, so that we connect with our “original self” which we left behind in assuming our adult roles.

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