Young and Stressed Out?

Are kids young and stressed out? We felt we could connect with this article. In our seminars, talks and interactions with people who are exploring homeschooling, we see this happening all the time. Children getting stressed out. Yes, we can blame society, we can blame schools but WHAT ARE WE, PARENTS,  DOING ABOUT IT?

If you don’t agree and you are already taking measures or happily homeschooling. STOP HERE and go back to your kids and have fun.

It hurts us greatly when we see children when young were sweet, courteous and positive. However, when they are about to reach their teenage years, there show signs of aggression, rude in their speech and in some cases totally destructive, not to mention negative. Yet, parents continue to drive this boy up the wall.

We agree with this article fully that parents are responsible.

On the flip-side, we saw young children with lots of stress, aggressive and greatly destructive change. There is this young boy at when he was 10 or so was out of control when the right (rather, wrong) buttons were hit. When we had gatherings such as birthdays, etc we were very very careful not to hit the ‘wrong’ buttons. More often then not, the other kids will do it and fights had ensured. My admiration was to this young boy and his parents who took the bulls by the horns, so to speak, and made drastic changes in their lives. He was taken out of school and their parents homeschooled him (unschooled, really) and today he is gentle and nice teenager. Not to mention, positive.

What we are saying is people can change. If you follow your hear enough, you may not even need ‘experts’ to tell us. Parents must take the lead and realize that they are causing stress in their children, at least in part. We all have a choice to do something. the question is do we want to do it or expect others to solve our kids problems for us?

Yes, we all know that this is more complicated than it seems. Don’t make excuses – look at ourselves and parents and make changes to remove stress factors from our homes – even (especially) if it means major changes in our lives and mindset.

That’s why we believe that learning us wayyyy beyond schooling! (even parents needs to learn)


SINGAPORE : Ten-year-old Eddie was a disruptive student in class. Adept at annoying his teachers, he was constantly on detention during lunch time.

And although he was the “class clown” whose crazy antics tickled his classmates, Eddie did not appear to have many friends in school.

His teacher-in-charge noted that she found him “hard work” and she was losing his patience with him.

Without a clearer understanding of Eddie, it is easy to label him as a troublemaker. However, clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley, a child, adolescent and family therapist, told TODAY that such cases are not always so straightforward.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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