Not another homeschooling article on MSM

For the uninitiated, MSM = Main Stream Media, in this case specifically the New Straits Times.  Many people has asked us about this article on homeschool. This article appeared on Aug 8, 2010. What do we think?

All I can say is that this article is pretty LAME. The content – well not much different from the many articles written some years ago. No difference, no depth of coverage and I suspect the interviewer did not even ask the right question. No different perspectives, no depth into approaches etc. Ask one question to the ministry and copy, copy, copy. It offers no new insight or value. The essence of homeschooling was not captured. In short, this is article seems like another just another “job”.

On the upside, it was good to see the “Mamahafiza” featured. Well done! The last time such an interview was done on the NST, it was the Selangor Homeschooling Association, now it’s the Malaysian Homeschooling Association. Well done too! Are we members?  Still thinking about it.

Anyway, this is our opinion, you read for your yourself at the links below and send us your comments

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2 Responses to Not another homeschooling article on MSM

  1. mamafiza says:


    Dear superb team , gazillion thanks for your endless prayer and support.

    May God always blessed your great family 😀

    Gambatte, gambatte ne ^O^

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