Darn it! We are not qualified!

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a couple – very interested to start-up an education center.  We felt it was a noble idea and we were of course, we were keen to share our thoughts when asked.

We later found out that this couple were doctors, running their own practice. Very successful. They were concerned about their daughter who has special learning needs. They were looking to set-up a center, hire staff, the works.  They just needed for their daughter to “spend and past time”.  The were all set.

We shared with them our thoughts, encouraging them to allow their child to explore develop their own creativity and potential and to guide her in the lessons of life.  They wanted to know how CLiC worked and of course, we shared what we felt.  We felt strongly that children are smart and clever in their own ways, we need to give them the chance to be, make something out our their lives. More so, if they have special needs. Society will have a difficult time accepting them, we need to level the playing field.  We shared the need to be continually engaged with our children – no matter how busy parents may be.  We must have faith in them. We need to listen to them with our ears and hearts.

Shortly into our conversation, it was clear that the doctors were not listening. They had their own thoughts. They also made it clear that they did not get what they wanted to hear.  It was quite clear that  in their eyes, we were not qualified, they meant was were were not certified – no paper.  Perhaps we are doing it wrongly. We were wondering why they came to see us in the first place?

Perhaps we should have listen to our parents and completed that double degree with majors in Motherhood and Fatherhood. Maybe a minor in listening to our children.  The go for a PhD in children our engaging. With  a doctor title, we would know what to do, – all the time.  This will definitely give us bragging rights to know perfectly what’s best for our children. We can sure tell people off and made sure other agree with our views.

Can anyone tell us where which university offer such a program?

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1 Response to Darn it! We are not qualified!

  1. Shalom says:

    As I grew older I realized that academic education makes a lot of learning loss on us. There is a particular way how academic learning shapes our paradigms of learning, making them very limited. A person becomes better at one particular thing at the cost of being equally as good in other things.

    I don’t think it’s about being qualified or not. It’s about how certain training sets our mind up in a certain way that closes the doors to other approaches or ways of thinking about a problem. A person needs to be in a class of their own for their mind to not be dominated by their training.

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