“No Time!”

Here’s a quick reflection.

In the past when parents came talk to us and ask use for suggestions and approaches to working with their children, we often encountered parent who lament that they have “no time”!

No time? Not an excuse! (pic source: http://www.fastcompany.com)

In the past,  we would get angry (but did not show it). In our minds, we felt that no matter how busy we may be we can make time.

How can there be no time to engage with out children?

How long does it take to hug your child before and after work, or before bed?

How about eating together? How is eating time spent? Silently like in the monastery? Any time to even look at each other? Say hello, or ask how’s every doing? At least once a week if cannot come together everyday?

How much time is spent  watching television or on the internet? Can 5 minutes be taken away for our children?

The list goes on……..

Now, there is no anger. We just pity their children and feel really sorry for them. It is more sadness and grief.

The real question is DO WE REALLY WANT TO?

so, don’t blame time.

Start engaging your children if you really want to!

(some genuinely do  not know how to, we are prepared to share and help in anyway we can, contact us)


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