This a required subject in Homeschooling, pls note.

We have often talked about how bright the eyes of kids are when they young and so curious. Always wanting to learn. When they learn something new, they get all so excited! Of course, parents ought to join in the excitement and “add fuel” and energy to it!

Not sure how to do it? If you need help………

Practice saying, “WOW! You learnt something new! You are really smart!”

or, “COOL! Hi-5!”

Celebrate every small discover and make it meaningful!

One of our Facebook buddy, Wee Lee Yen, posted this:

“Even if you only have a small moment to spare for them, try to make it a big moment by ‘being’ with them – not mere physical presence but emotionally and mentally present with them. Declutter all thoughts in your mind within that small moment and fill it with love, love and more love.  As quoted by Ven Ajahn Brahm in his book, ‘Who ordered this truckload of Dung’.  Let them know that “the window of my heart will always be open for you”. That’d be the greatest moment a parent and child can ever have ;-).”

Well said! So, spend some time to seek out the sparkle in our children.  It is not how much time you have, it is about the small and meaningful ones.

Go out there and celebrate.

FYI, this is part of your homeschooling required curriculum 😉

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2 Responses to This a required subject in Homeschooling, pls note.

  1. martha says:

    tx that was a WELL NEEDED reminder. 🙂

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