Homeschooling & Creativity Workshop in Penang (Oct 31)

We have been invited to give a talk and a workshop in Penang on Homeschooling and Creativity.  We look forward to meet with homeschooling friends up north.

Block your calendar: October 31, 2010. (1 – 5pm)

Details as posted by the organizers as follows.

Sunday, October 31 · 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Venue:  Pemancar House @ 227A Jalan Pemancar, Glugor, Penang

A brief note on our 2 speakers

Soon Koi Voon (KV) and Chong Wai Leng – husband and wife team who are founders of Learning Beyond Schooling (LBS) and proud homeschoolers of their 3 children have graciously accepted our invitation to come over to Penang and give an exclusive talk on homeschooling and how parents can help foster creativity and innovation at home with their children. They are both seasoned speakers in this field, having organised and carried out numerous workshops and talks in KL. The recent formation of the Community Learning Initiative Centre (CLIC) in KL is their latest contribution to help the local homeschool community move to the next level of shared and integrated learning.

Below is a brief outline of the upcoming 1/2 day workshop.

Topics covered
Session1 – HOMESCHOOLING – what, why, how, when…


Session 2 – Break out of your MIND, home as a platform to nurture
creativity and innovation.

RM60 per person; RM90 per couple. Please pay by cash.

Kindly RSVP latest by 30 September. As limited places are available due to space constraint, do let us know soonest possible of your attendance. To register, please click HERE

Should you need further information, you can contact the following persons via facebook or email

Wee Lee Yen, Loh Siew Har (SHar Loh) or Sloane Mak (Sc Mak) via email or through their fb (in brackets)

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20 Responses to Homeschooling & Creativity Workshop in Penang (Oct 31)

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi KV and Wai Leng,

    Greetings from Penang and looking forward to meet both of you in person come 31st October. However, I may not be taking part as I am hearing impaired. I prefer my wife to fully concentrate and learn what she can during the workshop. As such, if it’s not too much of a hassle, I would appreciate if you could kindly provide extra notes that I can read later.

    Thank you.


  2. Shalom says:

    Hi, Thomas! I would be glad to take down notes and provide a transcript for you. I am also setting up a blog where we will start with some questions that will form around certain themes. You can follow both the pre-talk information and match that up with the transcripts post-talk.

    In return I hope you can help by volunteering to help us babysit 😀


  3. Shalom says:

    LBS……..I just volunteered to be your “reporter” for the event. How? Can? Can? (Raises hands….teacher, call me!)

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Shalom! That’s very kind of you! Sure, I can help to babysit but I dunno whether I can do a good job. I’ve got 2 active Godzillas of my own ha ha ha!

    Shalom to you too!

  5. Daphne Tan says:


    I am from the Penang Down Syndrome Association and have just registered for your seminar on 31 October. I have a Down Syndrome daughter and have recently decided to try a home school programme for her and another DS child. We hope we are not too late to register and there are still spaces for 3 of u involved in the programme.



  6. Shalom says:

    Hi Daphne,

    I trust that Loh from Pemancar House has contacted you and given you the details for payment.

    Good news that we have improvised on space and can now take in about 20 more participants.

    Do spread the word to other parents of both Down’s Syndrome and regular kids who might be at a loss for alternatives to state-education. We all start our journey somewhere and perhaps yours and others could start here.


  7. Shalom says:


    The correct contact for this event is is just the catalyst for this event :D.

    You can also subscribe to their blog (:D) at their blog of the same name on wordpress.


  8. Thomas says:

    Hi Shalom! Thanks for the offer to take down notes for me. Sure I can help to babysit but I dunno whether I can do a good job as I have 2 active Godzillas of my own….ha ha!

    Shalom to you too!


  9. np says:

    hi, would you be organizing similar talk in kl?
    Where is the clic in kl?

    • LearningBeyondSchooling says:

      we usually hold our talk in CLIC in Shah Alam. Plans are on the way to hold a session in Cheras. Where are you in KL?

  10. Shalom says:


    They are not so bad…you have never seen real cases. And I think they will instead help to guide other kids.

    @LBS : Penang — Ipoh — KL — Shah Alam — Seremban/Melaka.

    Next route : SARAWAK, 2011.

    • LearningBeyondSchooling says:

      I think we just found out marketing manager! Sloane, let’s discuss right for KL, Selemban, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak, Kedah Perlis, Perak, Singapore, Brunei…………

      • please update me if you have similar workshops in Kulim kedah.i i have been looking all over kedah for some support, advice and info. pls help. thanks.

        • LearningBeyondSchooling says:

          Hi! If you can organize a small group with venue. Make it informal, we can arrange time. Do drop us a note. Thank you

  11. Shalom says:

    Hahahahahaha…………….So, does it mean you will move into a mobile home and live like the Beyond family? Or those trailers like rock&roll bands.

  12. Cheryl says:

    Please update me if you have a similar workshop in Cheras. I have been looking all over in Cheras for some support.

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