Yes, we are still around…..

absolutely sorry for the long silence – many things happening.  Still water runs deep…..-)

Kids – are trying out new things on their own – baking, cooking, selling, movies…etc. It really, really great to see kids self-motivated to get things done on their – never mind if they lead their signature trails behind them (sometimes known as mess – other call it creative chaos ;-).

Parents – one-half is now starting work for an European company which requires travelling away from home 1/2 the time. Managing this is all part and parcel of homeschooling (as challenging as it may be). The the other half, with the kids – generating new ideas (cooking them, ready to announce sometime soon). At the meantime, catching up on some reading. Interesting books to share.

CLiC: Good thing for CLiC, other parents chip in and we now have a community “school” of sorts. Updates separately.

Meeting up: We apologize not able to meet many of you due to time constrain but will surely make the effort. We will email you to schedule.

Meanwhile, have a good December.

[Coming up: books we are reading…]

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