If you can’t homeschool…

If you can’t homeschool,

No matter how much you believed in it,

No matter how much you wanted to,

Don’t despair!

It is not your fault,

Or anybody’s fault.It is not time yet for you,

Be patient

And keep your ideals alive!

Because it is not just a concept,

Or a method or a system of learning.

It is a way of life!
It is the way you see the world,

It is the way you respond to the world,

It is the way you love and accept yourself,

As who you truly are,

And hence you love and accept others,

For who they truly are.

It is the way you think,

That shapes the way you learn.
And this is what learning is all about,

Not to be cleverer than others,

Or to be more successful,

Or more wealthy ….Learning is about understanding,

Why we are here,

And where we want to go,

And what we want to do

With our lives.

Here and now.
So if you can’t homeschool,

But you had wanted to.

Don’t despair!

Because it is just a word,

A term, a concept.

If you embrace it in your heart,

No matter what you do,

No matter where you are,

No matter when you do it,

You are already practising it.

You are already living it!


Wai Leng

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