Q & A on Homeschooling (5): Homeschooling a Child with Injury

Here a question we received last week. If you have a question click here.

We received this question from Zuhaila:

My son has been diagnosed as a brain injury. Worry to send him to school….Can I still homeschool my son but I need to work to earn my living?  How it can be implemented?

Dear Zuhaila,

As we do not know the extent of the injury, we cannot really tell you how to do it and what (if any) are there medical considerations. But generally, homeschooling means catering the learning to your child’s needs and one of the parents should be spending time with the child at home to facilitate the learning. There are many parents with children of special learning needs who successfully homeschool their children. Homeschoolers have the freedom to pick and choose what they want to learn, and how they prefer to do it. Most importantly is to give your child an avenue or opportunity to explore his/her true potentials and to go beyond the limitations society set upon them.

In Malaysia, we have a unique scenario where homeschooling means sending kids to centres that replaces schooling with an imported, and often also, religious, curriculum. We personally do not consider this alternative as homeschooling.  To truly homeschool your child, especially with special needs, is a personal choice and some commitment and possibly making changes in your life to accommodate your child’s learning. However, it is not impossible – we have the community – parents coming together to help one another. We are personally experiencing this and it has been a truly wonderful experience to see parents and families coming together through CLiC.

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We hope this helps.

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