Q & A (11): Homeschoolers from Sweden

Aida wanted to find out

Hi. I have a cousin from Sweden who will be staying in KL for about a year and would like to homeschool her children, aged 6 and 10. They are Swedish nationals and have been following their school curriculum all these while.  Since my cousin does not plan on sending her kids to our local school (huge cultural difference+language barrier) and/or international school (too expensive), she is considering on homeschooling them. However, she is not a certified teacher. Would this be a problem?
Also, will she need to register with the MOE? — they are after all not Malaysian.
What about the curriculum? As mentioned she is not a certified teacher, nor does she have any knowledge/experience on homeschooling. How can she decide and select what curriculum would be best for her kids? Does the curriculum need to be exactly in line with that of the Swedish schools’ or can she just purchase a homeschooling program packet online (e.g. US-based that is accredited by the US Education)? And assuming she goes with the second option (purchasing the program packet), will there be a problem as to when the kids go back to school in Sweden?

She would also like to know how the usual homeschooling system/program work, so any guidance/advice/suggestions on how families in Malaysia conduct the program and/or organizing their daily schedule.

Appreciate if you could assist in any way/as much as possible. I am trying to find out as much info as I can so that when they arrive sometime after Summer, it would be easier for them to get started and not miss out on the kids’ education too much.

Thank you.

Since they are not locals, they have the privilege to do what they like with their children:) Have fun homeschooling!  Do get in touch with other homeschoolers for fun and exciting learning experiences like camping and outing.

Just write in to us at beyond.schooling@gmail.com to register your interest.

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