Q & A (12): More on college entrance (some conditions)

A homeschooler in KL wanted to find out:

Do colleges accept homeschoolers. What would happen when they’re done with K-12?

Have your child compile a hs profile (include writings, projects eg volunteering at zoo or charity etc), record of achievements eg competitions, performances, drawings, etc). All these will be taken into consideration. It will help to talk to the college authorities (the more senior positioned ones) to discuss your child’s interest and eligibility.

Some local private colleges are now much more open to hschoolers and will make exceptions to your exceptional child:)

Here are some conditions, if you are interested

a. some colleges will take in highschool grade 11 for Pre-programme and ADP with SAT.

b. average score for grade 11 must be 80 and above.  For SAT it has to a minimum of 1500 for the American Degree program. However, in some cases principals are give full discretion to admit students below the 1500 score.

Hope this helps.

GO to the colleges, ask them and tell them you are homeschooling, let it appear on their register.

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