Magazine for Homeschooled Girls

Found this interesting magazine. Check it out!

Dear homeschool groups, organizations, and associations, Our daughter, Ijana, has co-founded with a homeschooled friend an e-zine for homeschooled girls called Back-to-Homeschool magazine. The magazine has been online for only a few weeks and they have already had over 9,000 unique hits to their website! There seems to be a real need and excitement for this magazine, and many are subscribing already, from all over the world. And, the e-zine is completely FREE of charge!

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the magazine via submissions or even to be on the cover. Please click on this link and check out their website and the magazine for yourselves:

Here is an email message the founders recently sent out:

Finally, a magazine for homeschooled girls! It’s Back-to-Homeschool magazine, the magazine that’s written, published, and contributed to all by girls that are homeschooled! It’s actually not a print magazine, but an ezine, which is an online magazine. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as good! If you want to subscribe, go to right now! It’s also okay to subscribe if you’re not homeschooled.

We have just found that nearly every girls’ magazine out there has something about “back to school” in every single one of their fall issues, so we decided to create a magazine without that. There are articles about homeschooling in Back-to-Homeschool, and also any other kind of article you can think of.

Make sure to forward this to all of your contacts, even if they don’t homeschool, because they might know somebody that does. And don’t forget to tell your friends in person, too! I bet every single one of you has at least one friend that would like to receive Back-to-Homeschool in their inbox! So what are you waiting for?! If you’re still reading this email, stop right now and go to to subscribe!

Sincerely, Ijana & Trisha
Founders of Back-to-Homeschool

Please help us spread the word! Thanks very much, and have a great day!


Jennifer Loss, homeschooling mom of 2

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