Are you Ready to Homeschool?

Are you ready to homeschool?

Here is a simple Test to see if you are homeschool material…..

1. Why do you want to homeschool your kid/s?

  • A. To accelerate his/her learning
  • B. Because schools suck!
  • C. So that my kids’ talents can be nurtured.

2. How do you plan to homeschool your child?

  • A. Do school-at-home
  • B. Send to learning center.
  • C. Mix & Match/Unschooling

3. What materials/resources are you going to use?

  • A. Buy a fully-packaged curriculum
  • B. Learning center provides them.
  • C. Story books, hands-on learning & utilizing local resources.

4. What do you think is the most important thing in homeschooling?

  • A. Having a strict studying routine.
  • B. Making sure the kids do all their homework.
  • C. Kids get to pursue their interests.

5. How would you assess your child’s progress?

  • A. Have them tested regularly.
  • B. Compare them with school-going kids.
  • C. Observe their happiness level. A happy child=A learning child.

6. How do you know if you can be a competent teacher to your child?

  • A. I am a degree/Phd holder.
  • B. I am a certified teacher.
  • C. I have a good understanding of my child and engaged with his/her needs.

7. How are you planning for your child’s higher education?

  • A. I will enroll my child for all kinds of tuition
  • B. I will make sure my child gets into university.
  • C. I will let my child follow his/her heart.

8. Do you think you child should be the one making the decisions about his/her future?

  • A. Absolutely NOT! Kids don’t know what’s good for them.
  • B. Maybe, but I will make the final decision!
  • C. Of course. I trust my kids fully!

9. What if things do not work out as planned?

  • A. My plan cannot fail!
  • B. I will send my kid back to school.
  • C. We will re-evaluate the situation and make the necessary changes (prepared to look us ourselves as parents)



  1. If your answers are mostly A’s: please reconsider about homeschooling your kids, we are not entirely sure if it would be the in the best interest of your child. Explore more about your own learning mindset.
  2. If your answers are mostly B’s, you need to do more research before homeschooling, talk to other homeschoolers, engage more with your children and prepare yourself.
  3. If your answers are mostly C’s, you are a good candidate for homeschooling your kids! You are most ready to start!
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3 Responses to Are you Ready to Homeschool?

  1. maygan says:


  2. YingYing says:

    Although I have all C for the answers. but I do not have confident on this. Some more i’m working mother, how can I proceed with that ? can you give some advise ? Thank you.

  3. LearningBeyondSchooling says:

    Reblogged this on Learning Beyond Schooling and commented:

    Still getting lots of questions from parents about this, so here’s the “Test” again 🙂

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